Please note: we currently have listings for both this position and a Software Engineer. We'll hire one, but not the other.

Looma Background
Looma exists to connect shoppers to the people and stories behind food & beverage products. Our first product, Loop™ At-Shelf Maker Stories, is a network of smart tablets in grocery stores that play short, human-centric films connecting producer to consumer. The data generated by Loop™ fuels our proprietary film production and optimization processes, forming a flywheel we believe will one day power the world’s most sophisticated platform for human-centric point-of-decision video.

Position Summary
Joining a small but mighty team, Looma’s Jr. Software Engineer will contribute across multiple Web and Android applications in a high-growth environment. This is a fantastic opportunity for someone who’s eager to learn from seasoned developers and is motivated by a high ceiling for technical and strategic growth. As mentioned below, we prioritize technical aptitude over technical ability and are willing to invest in potential.

Web Development Experience
The core languages and technologies used in our web development stack include: Go, Firebase/Firestore/PostgreSQL, Typescript/AngularJS, and Google Cloud. Experience with some or all of these elements is preferred, but not essential. We welcome applications from candidates with experience using similar or related technologies, as long as you demonstrate ability and interest in learning quickly.

Android Development Experience
Secondarily to web development experience, it’s a bonus if candidates bring experience developing Android applications using Kotlin or Java.


Web/Android App Development (70%)
As Jr. Software Engineer, you will spend the majority of your time contributing to the development of Looma’s three core apps:

  1. Uptime: An internal information management tool that ensures the right films are playing on the right devices at the right times. Uptime also stores all data associated with each campaign.
  2. Loop Dashboard: A client-facing dashboard that displays all details and analytics related to the execution and performance of a Loop™ campaign.
  3. Android Apps: A series of Android applications which power shopper experiences, monitor uptime, and track engagement.

Quality Assurance (15%)
You'll also play a large role in the engineering team’s collective effort to ensure the quality of the products and features that are shipped. This includes writing thorough test code and earnestly testing each feature in the staging environment before pushing them to the production server.

Implementation Design (10%)
You will be relied on for valuable input on the features that we plan to implement. We look for candidates who can produce creative ways to simplify design, improve user experience, increase reliability, and decrease engineering time.

Project Management (5%)
Lastly, you will need to communicate transparent and honest feedback on the feasibility of both requirements and timelines. You should expect to spend around an hour each week reviewing roadmap projects with the product team.

Structure & Compensation
Looma will provide a competitive compensation package consisting of base salary and stock options. All Looma compensation packages include cash / equity flexibility (i.e. you can opt for more equity and less cash or vice-versa).


  • Employee coverage for health, dental, and vision (gold plan)
  • Unlimited PTO (3 weeks encouraged)
  • 12-week primary caregiver leave
  • Flexible office setting (office, flex, or WFH, with associated stipends)
  • $100/month craftsmanship stipend

Looma’s Hiring Philosophy
Looma believes culture is one of the strongest predictors of success for a startup. Strong contributors to Looma’s culture will exhibit the following characteristics:

  • Humility
  • Integrity
  • Wisdom
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Grit
  • Joyfulness
  • Fun

Diversity & Nondiscrimination
Looma believes diversity is a fundamental good, and we are committed to promoting diversity both in our workplace and through the stories we tell. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability status, age, marital status, protected veteran status, class or caste status, or any other protected class. Our global nondiscrimination policy covers these protected classes in every market in which we do business.